What To Look For When Selecting Solo Ad Providers

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September 2, 2018
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September 3, 2018

Sending a solo ad is a great way to generate some leads and reach out to new potential customers. You can use these email blasts to launch a product or simply to increase awareness for your brand. The key is to choose the right solo ad providers since they will give you access to the right recipients for your campaign.

Find Out How Recipients Are Selected

You cannot send a promotional email to a recipient who did not explicitly agreed to receive this kind of content. The best solo ad providers work hard to find Internet users who are interested in receiving promotional emails for a specific type of products or for coupons and discounts. Avoid working with providers who build email lists with recipients who do not realize they are signing up to receive solo ads since these recipients will be a lot less likely to find your content interesting and might just completely ignore your emails.

Look For A Provider Who Can Help You Target The Right Audience

Ideally, you should have a few criteria in mind for your target audience. You might for instance want to target recipients within a certain area or age range. You might want to target Internet users who recently browsed for a specific type of products or who looked for content that is related to the services you offer. The best providers will let you choose which criteria you want to use to target your audience and will create a customized distribution list in function of who you want to reach out to.

Choose Solo Ad Providers With An Excellent Reputation

A solo ad provider specializes in creating email distribution lists and by letting marketers and business owners send their promotional emails to these lists. The providers who do not focus on offering something valuable to their audience usually do not stay in business for very long. Look for a provider who has an excellent reputation and who offers something valuable to the recipients that are added to their email lists. Some providers exclusively share deals on specific products while others send a newsletter to keep the recipients interested and occasionally send a solo ad.

Make Sure You Will Get Access To Analytics

Ideally, the provider you use should give you access to detailed analytics for each solo ad that you purchase. You should be able to see how many recipients were targeted, how many people opened your email and whether or not they clicked on your links. If possible, find a provider who can tell you how much time recipients spent on average to read your emails. You can also use unique coupon codes to determine how many recipients ended up making a purchase after seeing your email.

Ask Yourself If You Will Need Additional Services

You might want to find a solo ad provider who offers additional services. Some providers will let you test different copies of a sales email with different group of recipients. Some providers will create sales emails for you or will help you determine who you want to target. Ask yourself if you would like to use any of these additional services before choosing your solo ad provider since getting help to define your target audience or to create your sales email will end up being more expensive but will definitely help you get better results.

It is important to choose the right provider if you are interested in solo ads since choosing a low-quality provider would be a waste of time and money. Do not hesitate to spend a little more on your solo ads just to make sure that the right recipients will be targeted and that you will get results with this email marketing campaign. You should contact a few different providers to ask some questions on how they build their list, how often the recipients receive content and to find out on average how many emails are opened. Look for a provider who has an excellent reputation, who values transparency and who can help you write a good sales email or target the right audience if you feel that you need help with these things too.

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