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What To Look For When Selecting Solo Ad Providers
September 2, 2018
Guaranteed Solo Ads Can Be A Successful Marketing Campaign
September 3, 2018

There are a lot of internet marketers who swear by the use of solo ads. However, if you are new to internet marketing you need to understand what a solo ad and how it can help your business. You should also consider where you would be able to find providers and what you should be looking for in these ads.

What Is A Solo Ad?

Before you can start using solo ads you need to know what they are. To put it simply when you buy one of these ads you will be paying someone to send an email to their mailing list with your product on it. This is not the same as buying the mailing list as it is a one-time email to people with a possible call to action.

The ad that you send out will usually be a link to a product or your own sales funnel where users opt into your mailing list. You will make money with the ad when someone completes an action or buys a product that you are an affiliate for.

Should You Use Solo Ads

Solo ads are not the right option for everyone, but they are a good way to get traffic to a product or to increase your mailing list. Before you buy an ad you need to know certain metrics about the offer you want to promote. By understanding these metrics you can determine if the ads will be worthwhile in terms of your rate of return.

The metrics you have to look at are how much each visitor is worth to your business and what your overall goal is. If you are selling an affiliate product that costs $79 and you are making $39.50 per sale you will generally have a conversion rate of 4.7%. This means that for every 1000 visitors only 47 of them actually buy. By knowing this metric you can determine that 1000 targeted visitors are worth $1856.50 to your business.

Knowing the amount that a visitor is worth is important as it impacts how much you are willing to pay for the ads. If you are not selling a product and want to use these ads to increase your own mailing list you have to calculate how much an individual subscriber is worth to your business. If you are unable to calculate this, then these ads will not be the best option for you.

Finding Solo Ads

If you have determined that these ads are the right option you for it is important that you know where to look for good providers. There are a lot of shady ad providers online who have created their lists through less ethical methods. It is important that you avoid these sellers, but as a newcomer, it might be hard to determine who they are.

If you use any search engine to look for solo ads, you will find thousands of people selling the service. Not all of these sellers will be the ones that you want to use. A good way of finding reputable sellers is to look at Facebook.

There are a number of Facebook groups dedicated to selling solo ads. There are other groups that are dedicated to rating the providers of these ads. Joining the latter allows you to see how the ads other people have run are doing with the provider and it gives you a better idea of who you should use.

Paying For The Ads

Once you know where to look for providers you have to consider the payment structure on offer. There are two pricing models generally used of fixed price and performance based. The seller should tell you what pricing model they use up front.

A fixed price means that you have a set price to pay for a specific number of emails being sent out. Performance-based pricing will be based on the number of emails opened, the number of click through and the conversions. It is recommended that people new to internet marketing use performance-based pricing.

The overall price that you pay per 1000 emails should not be more than what you are going to make. This is why knowing your metric is important because you have a fixed amount that you are not allowed to go over. Of course, you should never pay as much as you expecting to make as you want to have some profit about the ad campaign.

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