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Best Solo Ads For 2019 – Tips And Advice
September 19, 2018
Best Solo Ads For 2019 – Tips And Advice
September 19, 2018

There are many buyers lists for the solo ads or solo ads directories, but not many people know who the top-rated solo ads for guaranteed clicks vendors or sellers are. Not all the solo-ads providers will offer you the same results. If you are a beginner to the solo ad marketing techniques here is some information on what solo ads are and some of the best vendors and sellers to use.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads is a form or email marketing. The individuals that have built you lists of the double opt-in subscribers will be your customers. The vendor manages these subscribers by sending your offers onto their subscribers on this list.

If you are now ready to start searching for some of the top solo ads for guaranteed clicks vendors or sellers, your main goal should be to boost your traffic, affiliate leads along with more leads by 50% or more.

Here is a list of some of the highly recommended and legit solo-ads sellers that will guarantee you a lot more sales, leads and traffic.


Paul Grahn, the founder for, offers an interesting network that guarantees 60% to 80% conversions for a few offers. This network allows you the opportunity to test-drive for free and then only start paying for your solo ads.

If you decide to use this vendor, the team will take your offer and design your 1st Solo Ad risk-free. With no catch or extra charge and for a limited-time you will be able to test-drive their very best traffic, without any risks to you.

As soon as you have submitted your form Dennis Ray, the Chief Traffic Officer will contact you to ask you questions that are linked to your online company as well as ask you about any of your Solo ad experiences with other service providers in the past.

If Dennis Ray thinks they can help your business, he will give you more information on how they will easily and quickly set-up the 1st solo ad for free. All of the marketing materials will be created by Igor for all the campaigns. Currently, is one of the highest converting solo-vendors within the marketing arena

2. Humaneyeballs

Humaneyeballs began with 2 online entrepreneurs known as James Starr and Bob Beckett who both have over 13 years of experience within the traffic-industry. There are different traffic packages on offer, and this company is backed by a number of great reviews all over the Internet.

If you are looking to avoid both bot or fake traffic, then Humaneyeballs is probably one of the best vendors to consider. The costs per click are a bit higher when compared to other sellers and vendors, yet they deliver guaranteed and effective results.

They also set-up or provide you with high-converting squeeze pages which means your results are guaranteed. They also convert as much as 60% opt-in which is on the higher end. Once you have tried one of their traffic packages you will probably find you will want to try out more.

3. Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi is definitely not one of the new players amongst the solo ads for guaranteed clicks vendors. The costs for the solo ads at start at around 40 cents to $1 per click. Your campaigns will be dependent on where you would like to derive your traffic from. It is recommended to test-drive the $30 cheaper solo ads, where you can decide to increase the budget as soon as you start to receive a good amount of traffic, leads and conversions.

4. Cash Super Star For Solo Ads For Guaranteed Clicks

James Jordan is one of the more experienced of the solo vendors who is backed by over a decade of experience in this industry. The solo ads he offers is affiliated with a few of the top-tier countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. The basic package is available at $50, which will deliver 100 unique clicks along with 10% over delivery.

All the clicks are derived from individuals in the make-money online/ Internet marketing/biz-op niches. He also provides affiliate programs for a variety of people that are able to generate leads from the top-tier locations. Each of the confirmed leads fetch $3 respectively. Even though he does not offer an affiliate membership or private dashboard to see the live stats or an Autoresponder integration in the lead capture pages, you will be guaranteed of payment each month for all conversions that have occurred.

5. Trafficforme is one of the highly recommended marketplaces where you can spend your money wisely. You can read up on many positive results on solo-ads campaigns from a variety of different marketers.

Premium Email Traffic

They offer outstanding sales conversions along with high opt-in rates that are consistent. More than 80% of visitors are derived from the Top 5 Countries, which include New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States and the UK.

This company offers a guarantee of the cleanest traffic, which is backed by extensive work along with their anti-fraud software that they use with all their other services. This means that the anti-terminator software cleans up all the traffic before sending you any clicks. This type of traffic is more suitable for the affiliate programs, Clickbank products and MLMs, which have a monthly-recurring income.

Conclusion On Email Solo Vendor And Solo Ads

It is important to consider that the cheaper Solo Ads in some cases might work, but in many cases not all of the time. The Solo Ad is a type of email promotion that is sent to targeted lists of subscribers. It is also important to keep in mind that you will pay for each targeted Solo ad click that is made through an email-click and visiting your website. If you want to improve your conversion rates, you should be promoting through a Lead-Capture marketing system. This offers a way to save your leads, while auto-responders such as Getresponse is usually ideal.

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