What Are Targeted Solo Ads And How Can They Help Your Marketing Efforts?

What are Solo Ads and How Do They Work?
September 13, 2018
Best Solo Ads For 2019 – Tips And Advice
September 19, 2018
What are Solo Ads and How Do They Work?
September 13, 2018
Best Solo Ads For 2019 – Tips And Advice
September 19, 2018

If you’ve been in internet marketing for a while, you’ve most likely heard over and over again that the money is in the list. What they are talking about is an email list that is considered a “warm” market for certain types of products, maybe they’ve purchased a similar product in the past, or have expressed interest in a niche of products. Then, the owner of the list can rent the list to others and it’s called a solo ad. You can try to add those people to your own list, sell them products, or both.

It Can Be The Best Of Both Worlds

Since there are two goals that you would have when using solo ads, one is to earn a profit from sales and the other to increase your list, if you can break even on the first part, you’re really doing quite well.

Most marketers will tell you that each qualified name on their list is worth about $1 per month in income if managed correctly. So anytime you can boost your list size while breaking even on the rental of the solo ads, you’re buying a monthly income for free.

Getting A Good Open Rate Is Crucial To Success

Of course, the most difficult thing is getting as many people as possible to open their emails and read them. There are thousands of online courses that try to teach various tricks of the trade for getting a good open rate. Suffice to say, it is a constantly changing battleground, what works now will get overused and not work in the future. So marketers are always trying new strategies for titles.

The best solo ads to buy are the ones that come from solid marketers that have good reputations for providing excellent content in each email they send. Some marketers will over-sell their lists to many spammy buyers so that they lose their value and their open rate plummets. When it comes to open rates, the best advice is to keep the subject line relevant to the content that you’re providing. People have no problems unsubscribing from a list if they feel like they’ve been tricked by a catchy title that wasn’t relevant to the email.

There Are Specific Formulas For Content vs. Sales

Most of the top marketers will tell you that they don’t market to their list on every single email. Instead, what they do is have a formula that they follow religiously, sometimes free valuable content with no links and other times a relevant affiliate product.

This is the best way to always have a good open rate and have a high percentage of sales because people are always looking for the great content that you share most of the time. Then, when you do have an affiliate product that you recommend, they’ll open the email, and read everything in it, because you’ve developed a reputation as a credible source.

There Are Targeted And Non-Targeted Solo Ads

Of course, the best solo ads are going to be targeted towards a specific niche, maybe raising chickens, internet marketing, or baby care tips. It doesn’t do much good to try and sell make money online products to people that are building chicken coops.

There are always going to be some crossover between lists, but, it’s best to keep the content as relevant as possible so that you don’t get tons of unsubscribes due to emails that people consider to be spam. And you surely don’t want a lot of complaints going to your auto-responder labeled as spam either.

Keep Your Ads Short And To The Point

Once you’ve been successful in getting people to open the emails you’ve sent, it’s important not to lose them by not getting to the point. Many marketers fail to do this and they lose lots of money when people lose interest. You need to get to the point of what it is you’re promoting and why, in the shortest number of words possible.

It also helps if you have a video, lots of people enjoy clicking and watching a video, but others will avoid the video and scan/read your email looking for keywords of interest instead. To capture both audiences, it’s best to offer the video and the written word to appeal to both types of people.

The problem with videos is that you can’t rush ahead and skim the content, you have to watch them from start to finish to get what they are about. Most people don’t have the spare time to watch a dozen videos for affiliate products in a day so they delete the emails immediately when they find out they have to watch a video.

What To Look For When Renting A Targeted Solo Ad List

Always make a point to ask how often the people on the list are emailed to make sure they aren’t already oversold. Some people get tired of too many emails and you won’t get an acceptable open rate to make it worth your while.

You should also know what the people on the list originally opted-in for when they signed up. If they were looking for information on solar panels, they might be interested in windmills, but probably not interested in crock-pot cooking.

You Can Use Targeted Solo Ads To Test A Campaign

One of the best uses of targeted solo ads is to test a website to see if it’s working well and has the proper funnel to make sales and add to your list. It’s hard to do all of that in a timely manner with organic traffic from multiple sources.

On the other hand, if you have a few hundred dollars you can send a bunch of solo ad traffic that will visit your page, maybe buy some products, and possibly go on your list all in a day or two. This is especially valuable in niches where there is particularly strong competition for organic search engine traffic, like weight loss, dog training, or make money online.

In the long run, there are a lost of uses for good, targeted solo ads. You just need to do your research and make sure you’re getting what you need and not overpaying for a worn out list. Try a small part of the list and then expand your buys if the traffic is what you expect.

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