Four Tips To Get Better Results With Your Solo Ads

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September 3, 2018
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September 4, 2018

A solo ad is an email blast sent through a marketer or a company that specializes in building email distribution lists. These email blasts can be a great way to generate leads, reach out to new potential customers, increase awareness for your brand and boost your sales. You can for instance send a unique email blast to advertise a new product, a discount, a contest or another type of promotional event. Here is how you can get even better results with your solo ads.

Choose The Right List

You will generate more leads and sales if your email blast is sent to the right recipients. If you are not sure what the typical profile of your customers is, take some time to do more research. You can use surveys and analytics to get to know your audience better. A solo ad can also be a good way to reach out to a new niche that you haven’t targeted before. Take some time to set some goals for your email blast and to determine what kind of audience you would like to target. Having several criteria for the typical recipient will make it easier to narrow down your search and to find the perfect list for your email blast.

Choose The Right Marketer

There are several sites and individuals who sell solo ads. You need to choose the right company or marketer for your email blasts regardless of what your goals are. There are a few things to look for when choosing a marketer for your email blasts. First of all, make sure that the recipients knew they were signing up for an email distribution list and are actually interested in receiving promotional emails. A list that mostly includes recipients who signed up by mistakenly ticking a box without realizing they would receive promotional emails is not a good way to market your business. You also need to make sure the list was put together fairly recently and that the recipients are still interested in what you offer. An outdated list is a waste of time since the recipients will probably no longer be interested in what you offer or will have already completed a purchase.

Write A Good Sales Email

Even though most Internet users check their emails several times a day, there are a lot of emails that get overlooked. You need to write a great sales email, starting with the subject line. Make people want to read the email by addressing them directly and by promising something valuable. The first few lines of your emails are also crucial. The first few sentences of your emails should tell recipients why they should keep reading. You need to find the right balance between explaining what you are going to offer while keeping people intrigued and interested so they will keep reading. The layout of your sales email is also very important. Test it thoroughly to make sure it will be properly displayed and try creating a layout that draws attention to the most important elements of the email.

Focus On Conversions

Creating a great sales email and getting recipients to open it is just the beginning. You need to get the recipients who open your solo ads to take action. You can for instance ask them to follow a link to see a product page and complete a purchase or to visit your site and subscribe to a newsletter or to another type of marketing campaign. Set some clear goals for each solo ad so you can create a relevant call to action. You need to place your call to action once the recipient has read enough to decide if they want to know more or to make a purchase. Your call to action also need to offer something that is valuable. You could for instance ask recipients to sign up for a newsletter to receive more discounts or to know about your next flash sale.

You will be able to create better solo ads as you gain more experience. Test two different copies with two different lists to see which version is best and keep track of the leads you generate. Always look for ways to improve your sales emails and think about trying new distribution lists and marketers.

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