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September 3, 2018
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September 4, 2018

People that are very good at writing and submitting solo ads are some of the most successful individuals in the world. They are able to use other people’s lists, submitting an advertisement in the form of a piece of sales copy that will motivate people to make a purchase. This takes a lot of practice, and unless you have done this before, you may find that you are spending a lot of money on advertisements that are not converting at all. This is why people will use a professional copywriter in order to create these advertisements that will go out which can generate a substantial number of sales. Here are some examples of the best solo ads 2018 had to offer to give you a few ideas on what you should do next.

Why Would You Use Solo Ads?

There are several reasons why these are one of the most effective types of advertising that have ever been created. First of all, over 60% of all consumers have actually bought something through email marketing. It is a powerful tool for not only selling products, but giving products away so that you can build your own list. Although email marketing to your own list is effective, if you do not currently have one, solo ads are the next best thing. It allows you to target very specific audiences, individuals that will be very receptive to your offer. Most of the individuals or companies that you will market through will provide you with a specific number of individuals that will open your email. It is the perfect strategy for anyone that understands how to write this type of sales copy, but if you don’t know what to do, here are some of those examples of what worked in 2017 so that you can see what you might want to use for reference material.

Best Solo Ads 2018 Examples

A good example of a solo ad that is sent out is one that is not very colorful. It is not about selling the features and benefits. It’s going to be much shorter, and its purpose is to build trust, talking directly to the audience who will be opening up these emails. This is one of the major differences between commercial email marketing where you have multiple chances to convince each individual to make a purchase. When you have a solo ad, you got one shot for the price that you are paying, so you need to build that relationship quickly, and then send them directly to the offer.

How You Could Write Your Own

The most important aspect of your solo ad is the title of the advertisement itself. This is going to act just like a headline. Although there is some debate over whether the title is more important, or the call to action, without a proper title, nobody is going to click to read more. You have to remember that these are going out to email boxes. If you think about what you do when you see an email, you read the subject line. If the subject line is not motivating you to click on it, and you do not know who it is from, you will likely delete that email and move on to the next. The second part to focus on is the actual opening paragraph. You need to introduce yourself and quickly get to what it is that you will be talking about. You need to elaborate on the offer as quickly as possible, something that is more of a teaser than actual sales copy. Your only goal is to make sure they are interested enough to click on that link. Finally, your call to action should be in the hyperlink text itself. You need to specifically tell them to click here to see the offer. A good example of this would be stating “Click Here Before The Timer Runs Out” two motivate people to take action right away. Other tips will include greeting the reader by name, and if you don’t want to do that, do not say anything at all. Just go straight into the sales copy, making it easy for them to skim the sales letter until they see that call to action link which will motivate them to go there quickly before the offer is gone.

These are just a few ideas that you can use that were very popular in 2017. In fact, when you look at the best solo ads 2017 had, they are very similar to this format. They are not very long, have a great headline, and a call to action that uses scarcity to motivate the reader to take action. Go ahead and use these examples from the best solo ads 2017 emails, or simply find a professional copywriter to implement the strategies for you.

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