From The Desk of Paul Graham...

Dear Fellow Marketer, You’ve heard it many times before “The Money is in the list” but it’s a FACT that not all lists are created equal. However, buy solo ads from me and I will GUARANTEE High Quality and Fresh Traffic EVERY time, and without fail!

"Fed-Up With Regurgitated Rubbish?"

Most targeted solo ad sellers just swap and regurgitate the same incestuous traffic again and again, however MY solo ad traffic is Fresh and highly responsive. How?

My targeted solo ads list has been built using SEO, Blogging, CPC, Media Buys, Warrior Forum and Facebook Ads (to name just a few!) So when you buy solo ads from me you are getting…

  • The most superior and responsive IM/MMO traffic available in the industry.
  • English speaking visitors only to your offer. 85%-95% come from US, UK, CAN, AU, NZ, IR and Europe. The rest are located all over the globe.
  • A constantly replenished list of super responsive subscribers ranging anywhere from 250 to 1000 brand new subscribers every day!
  • A Generous amount of over-delivery to ensure your satisfaction. (Normally around 10%+)
  • Buyers list Included with Purchases ranging from $7 up to $497.

What Else Can You Expect When You Buy Solo Ads From Me?

As well as receiving some of the most superior and responsive traffic in the industry, you can also expect the following benefits from one of very best solo ads you will ever receive:

  • GENUINE EMAIL TRAFFIC ONLY. I do not use, traffic exchanges, pop-ups, pop-unders or any other form of underhand traffic tactics.
  • PURE targeted solo ads traffic. Your traffic will not come from a bonus or P.S. link. In fact there are no other links in the email except yours, just as you’d expect.
  • Delivery of all Clicks within 72 Hours of the Start Date. (It’s normal that most clicks will be delivered within the first 24 hours).
  • PROOF of all your RAW and UNIQUE Clicks Using Either Quality Click Control or ClickMagick. (All clicks purchased are based on UNIQUE visitors only).
  • My Personal and EXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE that you will NOT receive any clicks/subscribers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria plus a whole host of other undesirable locations.
  • Get Only the Very Best Solo Ads that will work with Biz Ops, MMO, MLM, Business Tips, Free and Paid Traffic, Social Media, General Internet Marketing, plus many more.

In fact you can be assured that I will manage your solo ad as though it’s my very own offer, after all... it’s my list I’m sending it too!

Converting Traffic into Leads FIRST = Sales...

I would highly recommend you send your traffic to a squeeze page / free offer first. This is to maximise the amount of leads you can generate. You can then convert those leads into sales afterwards with as many OTO’s (One Time Offers) and follow-up emails as you like!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I Guarantee with every order placed…

*The Most Super Responsive Traffic In The Industry*

*ZERO Traffic from India, Pakistan & Nigeria etc.*

*MINIMUM 85%+ TIER 1 Traffic from The Top 6 Countries*

*Genuine English Speaking Traffic Only*

*Buyers List Included*

*100% Pure Solo Ad Traffic*

*A Generous Amount of Over-Delivery*

*Delivery within 72 Hours of Start*



GET A FREE COPY of My 21 Hottest and Most Profitable Traffic Tactics and Targeting Tips When You Buy Solo Ads From Me!

Let me be clear, this isn't some re-branded PLR product you can find anywhere. This is my very own EBook, and contains my 21 Top Traffic Tactics and Traffic Targeting Tips for 2016! In fact inside I will be showing you..

  • How to get the very best paid and free website traffic.
  • How to get website traffic by targeting your audience effectively and getting the right traffic to the right landing page.
  • A little known secret that will not only show you how to get traffic, but tons of it no matter what your business or niche.
  • Proven and recommended resources for all 21 methods in my Hottest and Most Profitable Traffic Tactics for 2016.

Here’s Just a Selection of the Truly Incredible Results My Clients are Enjoying Every Time They Purchase Their Solo Ads from Me...

Check Out the Hottest 'Per Click' Pricing in the Industry for Up To 95% Tier 1 Solo Ad Traffic!!!


It's Really Difficult to Find an Awesome Seller Who's Going To Send You Really Good Traffic. I've Ordered so far Four Solo's from Paul Graham and Every Single Solo I've Had Has Had Awesome Results. I've Not Only Had Opt-in Rates of 40-50% But I've Also Had 3-5 Sales Usually for Each Solo. If You're Looking for a Good Seller Who's Going to Give You Top Notch Traffic Then Definitely Go With Paul!

Chris Mollo Chris Mollo

Paul's Clicks are Quality and Super Targeted. I was Able to Achieve a 45% Opt-in Rate for a Campaign That Wasn't Even That Great!

Aaron Wesley Means Aaron Wesley Means

I’ve run a lot of Solo’s In My Time and Sometimes It’s Difficult to Find Good Traffic. Paul’s The Real Deal. He Knows How To Get Top Tier Traffic and Responsive People. So If You’re Looking For ‘Actual Real Clicks’ From Real people, Go See Paul Graham and He’ll Hook You Up!

Jonathan Case Jonathan Case

I Bought Some Clicks From Paul, Fantastic Clicks, Fantastic Opt-Ins, Great Communication from Paul as Well. I'd Highly Recommend Him. If You Are Looking for Clicks, Paul's The Man You Need to Use!

Brian McGinty Brian McGinty

“I have been Buying Clicks from Paul since May 2015. His clicks are Awesome! I get more than 40% Opt-in Rate every time.”

Nick Wright Nick Wright
Sharvari Hoosman

"Phenomenal! Clicks were right on and delivered fast! Traffic converted REALLY well. 46% opt-in rate, 2 front end sales which lead to $150 in sales."

Sharvari Hoosman, 10X Marketing Bros
Frank E Calabro

"Awesome Solo Ad Results: optins 410, optin rate 48.5%. Very profitable campaign!"

Frank E Calabro,
Neil Griffin

"Excellent - 43% optin and easily the best CPA Traffic for me."

Neil Griffin,
Budianda Tioanda

"Fantastic SOLO! Got 113 Clicks from an order of 100 clicks. 84% Top Tier, and generated 9 sales!"

Budianda Tioanda,
Michael Ross Maquilan

"Great job.. 100% ROI! Generated a lot of sales and opt-ins using my done-for-you self-liquidating funnel -> easylistbuildsystem dot com"

Michael Ross Maquilan,
Kevin Lew

"1st run with this guy and Paul's list is Awesome! OD + few sales! Will be back again!"

Kevin Lew
Chris Mollo

"Another phenomenal solo from Paul! 41% opt-in rate with several sales!"

Chris Mollo,
Neil Stafford

"Over 95%Tier 1 countries. 38% opt in rate which was for a specific traffic offer, happy with those numbers. Pleasure to work with."

Neil Stafford,
Mark Haydin

"Great Traffic, very nice, good work, will order again."

Mark Haydin,
Chris Rivers

"Great Solo ...94% Top Tier"

Chris Rivers,
Dan Froelke

"Great Solo! ...Thanks Paul. Good service. Will definitely be back!"

Dan Froelke,
Richard Harencia

"Very nice purchase. Over-delivered with better than expected results."

Richard Harencia,
Wayne Beckwith

"Thanks again Paul. I had a great response to my ad and lots of optins."

Wayne Beckwith,
Richard Winters

"Hey Paul, Excellent Solo as usual. Tons of Optins! Very High Top Tier Rating. Thanks!"

Richard Winters,
Tim Fox

"Paul overdelivered on clicks and his traffic was of high quality. Thinking of using his experience to get a custom swipe from him next time."

Tim Fox,
Sotero Garcia

"100% US Traffic . . . Sales as well! . . . "

Sotero Garcia,
Juan Gomez

"100% Top Tier!!! 4 Over! 52% Opt in!! I believe I will be back Paul ; )"

Juan Gomez,
Carl Davies

"Overall delivered in clicks. Gained 51 leads and 51% conversion rate. Impressive!"

Carl Davies,
Jerome Chapman

"Thanks Paul.... 90% top tier traffic and 46% opt-in conversions. "

Jerome Chapman,
Tim Fox

"Overdelivered again! and 40% Optins."

Tim Fox,
Julie Kenk

"Always gives great results.. Ordered 125 and got 144, and so many opt ins plus some great sign ups...Thank you for a good Job!!!"

Julie Kenk,
Elizabeth Neal

"Very happy with this solo! Ordered 125 clicks, got 139 clicks with 60 opt ins!"

Elizabeth Neal,
Ella Sisco

"Great seller! My first time at buying clicks and so far, have a great opt-in rate. Will be happy to recommend Paul and will buy from him again.."

Ella Sisco,
Sandra Stachowicz

"Paul just keeps getting better and better! 91% Top Tier! massive optin rate. Paul over delivered (I got 15% extra clicks) I'll definitely buy again!."

Sandra Stachowicz,
Gary Handy

"This Guy Paul is Rockin' He continues to bring me excellent results."

Gary Handy,
Charlie Isaac

"Great Solo Ad and Over Delivers. Will be Back for More!.. Thanks Heaps.."

Charlie Isaac,
Matt Coghlan

"Thanks Paul, Great Solo. Lots of Top Tier Traffic and 40% Opt Ins."


Matt Coghlan,

Check Out the Hottest 'Per Click' Pricing in the Industry for Up To 95% Tier 1 Solo Ad Traffic!...


Terms of Service – Please Read

  1. Your offer must not be deceiving in any way, shape or form.
  2. I Reserve the right to cancel and refund any solo ad that I deem inappropriate to be sent to my list.
  3. I Reserve the right to send your ad earlier than date scheduled (unless specifically requested not to do so).
  4. I Reserve the right to amend/re-write your ad copy.
  5. Downloads/Free offers must be easy to access.
  6. All sales are final and there are NO refunds for this service. If you have any doubts about this service do not purchase it.

I also cannot determine the results you will receive with your solo ad.  It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel. It's also up to you to know how well your squeeze page converts.

By placing an order and paying for this service, you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page including the no refund policy.

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